Hi I guess

Hi, my name is Alix, but as you can tell I’m going by the username LovingTheLonelyLife. I picked this username as I’ve never had a date/boyfriend or girlfriend in my life. Which is sad, my younger brother is getting more action then me and he’s 14.
I am (as my mum calls me) a stress-head, I worry over nothing and will continue to do so until I feel I’ve done enough. I’ve been depressed for years and have repeatedly thought about just ending it but I always loose my nerve by thinking about my family. So, stupidly, I’ve taken to cutting myself occasionally. My brother found out and told my step-dad who now thinks I’m doing it for attention. And okay, I am just a bit but if you lived in my family where you have three little brothers and a younger step-sister you’d know that you generally get over looked when it comes to getting attention off of people. I’ve dine everything for my family, helped my mum raise my brothers when she was on her own and ill, cooked, cleaned and walked them all to school when I was 6 years old. But yeah, it’s whatever right?
Anyway, I don’t do it just for the attention, it’s not all about them. I do it because it feels good, like all of the feelings and thoughts I’ve been keeping inside of me all these years can finally come out through my blood. And besides, it’s either cut myself, go on rages, or kill myself, so I picked the lesser of three evils.
This has turned into a massive rant, I’m sorry if you’re reading this but I needed to get if off of my chest. None of my friends know about this account as I don’t really want them to know what I’m really like. My other account is more cheerful and fangirl-ly, it’s ASammyDodger if you want to know. But yeah, thanks for reading this if you did, it was nice of you.